Confederate Flags Flying Outside of the United States

Amid the growing controversy over the Confederate Flag in the United States, there have been reports of the Confederate flag flying outside of the United States. Initial reactions to this by Americans are feelings of confusion. Why would citizens of other nations be flying the Confederate Flag? The British Broadcasting Channel recently asked various citizens throughout the world this very question. Here are some of their responses.

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Image of Brazilians dancing on the confederate flag.

Some southern American descendents fled to Brazil after the American Civil War. At the time, slavery was still legal in Brazil and many southerners received land grants from the Brazilian government. The photo above shows these descendents celebrating the 150th anniversary of the war’s end on April 26, 2015. At this Brazilian celebration, people dressed in confederate uniforms and danced on the Confederate Flag.


Image of a confederate flag at an Italian soccer game.

In Italy, people have spotted sports fans flying the Confederate Flag during soccer matches. When asked about the correlation, one fan said that they liked the flag’s design and its rebellious symbolism. There is still a North/South rivalry in Italy (especially in soccer), and these fans were using the Confederate Flag to symbolize this.


In the southern coastal area known as Dalmatia, the Confederate Flag can be seen flying on buildings. Croatian residents claim that the flag helps them distinguish their southern coastal region from the mountainous regions of the north.


A tourist from New York reported seeing numerous Confederate Flags flying along a beach in Cyprus. Cyprus is a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea, near Turkey and Egypt. When the American tourist asked locals about the reason behind the flag’s display, no one seemed to know the flag’s history or where it came from. Some tourists from the United Kingdom later speculated that the “X” of the Confederate Flag could be a rebellious interpretation of the Saltire of Scotland.


Image of a confederate flag on a car in Sweden.

In Dalarna, the central portion of Sweden, locals love American history. They call their American loving culture “raggare”. It has been reported that residents of Dalarna regularly wear cowboy boots and hats while carrying Confederate Flags. The locals don’t view this as a politically charged symbol; they see it as a piece of Americana.

Credit: BBC, Business Insider

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