Countries That Have Changed Their Flag Design

Whether it for city, state, or country – it is not common for a flag to retain its original design. This is because changes happen throughout history, and a flag is used to represent just that. Countries go under changes throughout history, whether that is a change in direction, government or association – it happens. When it does happen, sometimes it is necessary to change their flag design. Let’s take a look at countries that have changed their flag design.

United States

Image of the old Betsy Ross flag.       Image of the Confederate flag.      Image of the United States flag.

The United States flag design has changed more than any other national flag design. The flag started with the 13 colony Betsy Ross flag, and it has evolved into the 50 star flag that it is today. Also, many people forget that half the country adopted the Confederate flag during the American Civil War. The current American flag is now one of the most famous flags in the world.

Soviet Union/Russia

Image of the Soviet Union flag.      Image of the Russian flag.

The Soviet Union’s transition to what is now Russia was one of the most famous governmental changes in the history of the world. The Soviet Union was one of the most powerful countries in the world at the time of the Cold War with the United States. However, in 1991 the Soviet Union government collapsed after losing the Cold War. This collapse allowed for the forming of modern day Russia, and a new flag design. Both flags are also two of the most famous flags in the world.


Image of the old Japanese flag.      Image of the Japan flag.

Japan is most known for its red dot flag design – which is one of the simplest and most recognizable designs in the world. However, they did not always fly this flag as the official national flag.  Prior to 1870, Japan was represented by the red sun-disc flag, commonly referred to as the Rising Sun Flag.


Image of the Nazi flag.      Image of the flag of Germany.

Germany, like Russia, was formed by the demise of another regime. Germany is possibly the most famous of the countries that have changed their flag design. Shortly after the fall of the Nazi party during World War II, the country of Germany was freed from communism. Their newfound freedom was displayed quickly with the forming a new government and a new flag design.

Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list of all countries that have changed their flag design; it is a list of the most famous flag design changes.

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