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All of this news swirling around about the potential New Zealand flag design change got us thinking. Have other countries recently changed their flag design? If so, which country and why did they do it? Let’s take a look at the 5 most recent national flag design changes – we will call them new national flags.


Before                                                                        After

Image of the old Libya flag.                      Image of the new Libya flag.

We personally like the decision that Libya made to change their flag design. The old Libya flag was possibly the most boring national flag in the world. It was also the only national flag to feature only one color. The new Libya flag was adopted in 2011.


Before                                                                        After

Image of the old Malawi flag.                       Image of the new Malawi flag.

The very first Malawi national flag was adopted n 1964. The flag used a rising sun as a sign of independence and hope. The new Malawi flag was adopted in 2010. However, the government voted to revert back to the original design in 2012.


Before                                                                           After

Image of the old Venezuela flag.                         Image of the new Venezuela flag.

After the Bolivarian Revolution in 1998, Hugo Chavez wanted to revise the Venezuelan flag. The government added an additional star to the flag as a way to commemorate the revolution. The new flag also removed the coat of arms on the top left side of the flag.


Before                                                                           After

Image of the old Georgia flag.                          Image of the new Georgia flag.

No, were not talking about the state flag of Georgia, were referring to the Georgia national flag. The new flag was adopted in 2004 after being used in the Rose Revolution. It was quite a process to change the Georgia flag, however, as the old flag was rich in history dating back to 14th century.


Before                                                                          After

Image of the old Myanmar flag.                        Image of the new Myanmar flag.

The new flag of Myanmar was adopted in 2010 to replace the old socialist flag. The flag change came shortly after the country adopted a new name and government. The new flag colors represent peace, tranquility and solidarity.

Credit: Radio Live

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