Countries that Obsess over their National Flag Colors

Most countries have national flag pride, but not all countries truly embrace their national colors. National flag pride can be either pronounced or discreet depending on the culture of the country itself. Let’s take a look at some of the countries that admire, embrace and even advertise their national colors more than others.

Image of numerous American stick flags.

Many people traveling to the United States from various countries around the world are astonished by not only the number of American flags flying, but where they are flown. Arnaldo Testi from Zocalo Public Square recently wrote an article for Smithsonian Magazine in which he admitted to mistaking a local fast food restaurant for a post office because it was flying a flag in front of the building. He was not used to encountering non government buildings that flew national flags.

For the most part, Americans embrace their national flag colors more than other countries – some would even call it an obsession. The American flag can be found flying near any government or residential building, worn as clothing, pinned on lapels of suit jackets, and even painted on vehicles. Check out our blog post titled Unusual Places to Find the American Flag to see some interesting “only in America” moments.


Image of numerous European Union flags.

The closest thing to America when it comes to obsessing over national flag colors comes from European nations. Of these European nations, France and the United Kingdom are most similar to the U.S. The United Kingdom’s Union Jack Flag can be found anywhere and everywhere in the UK. The UK has successfully commercialized their flag and has essentially created a symbol that is more than a flag. France also prominently displays their national flag in various places and situations. The French flag has since become one of the most recognizable flags in the world despite its standard tricolor design. Finally, the European Union flag portrays a sense of democracy and prosperity to the nations associated with it.

The feeling of shared accomplishments, values and nationalism – that is the true purpose of a flag – and these countries do the best job embracing it.

Credit: Smithsonian Magazine

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