Creative Ways to Display your Patriotism

There are always traditional ways to display the U.S. flag, or any flag for that matter. You can attach it to a wall, hang it from a flag pole, or carry it during a parade (link to blog post). But what if you want to be different from the norm? You should be able to get creative with the way you display your flags or your patriotism. Below are a few ways you can do just that.

American Stick Flags

You can use stick flags for a number of display purposes. You can carry them, or place them in various household objects to add a hint of patriotism.

Image of multiple stick U.S. flags in a pot.

Pleated Full Fans and Bunting

Flag bunting is a unique way to display your patriotism because it uses the U.S. flag colors but in a nontraditional way. Bunting can be used indoors or outdoors, but it is generally displayed in high traffic area because of its eye catching appeal.

Image of American flag buntings.

Car Magnets

Car magnets are great way to take your patriotism on the road with you. Display your pride across the country, for your country.

Image of car magnets.

American History Prints

American history prints are a classic, discrete to display your patriotism. They are printed on high quality 80lb acid free matte paper with fade free ink. They are a perfect addition to a living room or library of a home.

Image of American History Prints from CVS Flags.

Memorial Flag Cases

Memorial flag cases are an appropriate way to display a burial or interment flag. They are a timeless display option that looks great when placed on a mantel or hung on a wall.

Image of memorial flag cases from CVS Flags.

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