Cub Scout Car Wash Successfully Raises Money for New American Flag

Cub Scout car wash pulls in cash for new flag and helps out the community food shelf.

Local Kings Park Cub Scouts Pack 75 kept their word when they raised enough money to replace an American flag stolen from Kings Park High School. The scouts even had enough money left over to make a sizable donation to the local food shelf.

Cub Scout car wash

The American flag was stolen from the school back in September. Suffolk County police asked for the public’s help by offering a cash reward to anyone who may hold information that could lead to the apprehension of two men suspected in the crime.

Cub Scout car wash, American flag

Final money gathered totaled a symbolic $1,776. This allowed the troop to buy a new set of stars and stripes, along with donating a generous $1,103 to the community food shelf. Two large local businesses greatly contributed to the Cub Scout’s cause. Target aided the boys in reaching their goal by donating $200 in gift cards and Dejana Truck and Utility Company gave $100.

Jim Brauer, pack leader, said the boys worked very hard toward reaching their goal and is very proud of not only reaching their goal, but going above and beyond to help their community.

Credit: Kings Park Patch

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