Delaware Historical Society Saves Civil War Flags With Crowdfunding

Preserving historical flags is important, especially the war-torn flags that have flown through history’s most eventful times. Delaware has found that two of its oldest flags, from the Civil War era, were in need of conservation, which we mentioned in our earlier post New Civil War Flags to be Preserved and Displayed. So they put a modern spin on supporting these historical treasures:  They crowdfunded the preservation.

Starting in 2013, the Delaware Historical Society began their “Rally Round the Flags” idea. The goal was to raise $30,000 to professionally conserve the flags and to involve the community in the state’s history. During their 150th anniversary celebration, they launched their crowdfunding campaign on Razoo to help them reach their mark.

The two flags originally belonged to the 1st Delaware Volunteer Infantry and were donated in 1884. Having been waved proudly through three major battles, including Gettysburg, these flags tell the story of those 1st infantry soldiers.  One of the flags is a 50”x 80” US flag held by the regiment, barely holding together.

US Civil War Flag

The other is the 59”x 68” regimental military flag, which is similar to the Delaware State Flag. These flags will be available to the public sometime in 2016.

1st Delaware Volunteer Infantry Regiment Flag

After reaching their goal, the Delaware Historical Society stated that its crowdfunding efforts attributed $3,600 of their donations. This opens up the realm for new fundraising possibilities for flags around the world. New flag design along with historical flag conservation could possibly be electronically funded by the public, bringing us to a new vexillogical frontier.

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