Delaware Man Stands Up for Flying his American Flag

Kenneth Walsh proudly continues flying his American flag outside of his family’s house.

In Selbyville, Delaware, the Walsh family proudly flies the stars and stripes outside their house as a sign of patriotism and honor to their country. Kenneth Walsh has a long line of military family, including his father who fought in the Korean War. However, the same flag that waves for freedom also signifies impaired structural integrity, according to the Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA).

After an inspection of their house, the Walsh’s were asked to remove the flag for two violations against their lease. They received a letter from the DSHA stating the flagpole holding Old Glory violated the apartment building’s rules; the rules state that there are prohibited nails, tacks, brads, or screws in woodwork without management’s approval. However, Walsh also commented that other neighbors have used hooks to hang up flowerpots and have never gotten a complaint.

Kenneth Walsh, Delaware

Gail Brown, a DSHA agent, performed the inspection at the end of July, warning the family the flag may need to be removed. Allowing one family to fly the flag would mean others would want permission to fly more offensive flags, such as the Confederate or Nazi flag.

Walsh reached out to the DSHA, governor’s office, and several politicians. State Representative John Atkins stepped in right away, informed Walsh the DSHA was in violation of a law passed eight years ago, and that he would take care of the issue.

And he did. After that, the DSHA decided the bracket holding the flag pole does not impair the structural integrity of the porch and the flag may remain flying.

Credit: Delmarva Now

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