Denver Broncos Flag Waving from Plane in before Super Bowl Tradition

As many of us know, Super Bowl 50 was held last weekend in California where the Denver Broncos played against the Carolina Panthers.

Upon landing in San Jose the 31st, the Broncos United plane waved the team’s flag from the front window of their plane! Super Bowl Tradition_Broncos

One week later the Broncos were victorious in their game against the Panthers. Interested in learning more about each team is season and their history? Check out their blogs by clicking here for the Broncos and here for the Panthers. Also, check out their merchandise from house flags, magnets and car flags here.

Did you know flying the flag out the cockpit window was a tradition? Let’s see which other teams have done this in the past few years!

Denver Broncos                                         


New England Patriots


In 2012 the Patriots waved their flag from the team carrier in Indianapolis where the Pats played against the New York Giant and later won.

New York Giants


New York Giants flag held by an United Airlines flight attendant in 2012 as they arrived at the Indianapolis Airport.

Do you have any predictions on who will be flying their flag out of the cockpit window next year? Let us know in the comments!

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