Department of Defense Must Buy American Flags Made in the USA

Congress passes a provision stating that the Department of Defense must buy American flags made in the USA

In Washington, DC an American flag provision finally passed into law, thanks to diligent Congressman Mike Thompson (D-St. Helena). The provision was bipartisan and now requires that the Department of Defense (DOD) only buy US flags that were made in America.

What does “Made in the USA” really include? According to this provision, each flag must be manufactured in the United States with materials and supplies that are 100% grown and produced in the US as well. This bill made it passed the House of Representatives and Senate to be signed into law.

American Flags Made in the USA in DC | Collins Flags Blog

Thompson said, “This provision will make sure every American flag DOD buys is made in America, by American workers with American products.”

This new law also applies the Berry Amendment to the American flag. Originally passed in 1941, the Berry Amendment prohibits the DOD from purchasing food, clothing, uniforms, fabric, steel, and measuring tools that are not produced or grown in the United States.

This is not the only American flag provision of its kind. The Department of Veterans Affairs is already required to purchases US flags made right here in America for veterans’ funerals.

What do you think of this American Flag provision? Should it be extended to other departments of the government? What would you add or change?

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