What is the Difference Between Header & Grommet vs. Rope & Thimble Flags?

The difference between header & grommet vs. rope & thimble flags is minor, but makes a big difference in how a flag waves in the wind.

Header & Grommet Flags vs. Rope & Thimble Flags: what is the difference and how will it affect the way a flag waves in the wind?

Although very similar, these minor flag attribute difference make a world of difference in the way a flag hangs on a pole.  We have both Header & Grommet Flags and Rope & Thimble Flags in our inventories so it is important that our customers know the difference between the two flag attributes in order to make the correct purchase.

Header & Grommet
A header and grommet flag has a canvas header with brass grommets to attach the flag to the pole.  They are often used on vertical flag poles or flag sets that attach to a house.

Header & Grommet


The header is a heavy-duty, folded stripe of fabric (usually white in color) that extends the whole length of one side of a flag or banner.  It is sewn onto the side of the flag and used as a way to securely hold the flag to the rope line attached to the flagpole.

The grommet is a circular ring or eyelet (usually brass) that is permanently secured to the header of the flag.  A typical flag will have 2 grommets embedded within the header.

Our flags at CVSFlags.com commonly have header & grommet if they are sizes 2’ x 3’ through 6’ x 10’.  Larger sizes typically have rope and thimble attributes.

Rope & Thimble

Rope and metal thimble on flags offer the attachment point that secures the flag to the pole.  CVSFlags.com uses galvanized metal for durability and stability.  Larger flags require more stability that a rope offers because the weight of a larger flag has more potential to tear a header off of the flagpole.

Rope & Thimble


All of our outdoor U.S. flags are manufactured in accordance with our nationally-recognized high standards from materials which provide maximum durability.  You can read about the details and features of our flags on CVSFlags.com.

As always, please contact our team at CVS Flags with any questions or concerns on other flag attributes.

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