Disney Celebrates Old Glory

Disney resorts have been widely known as the ‘happiest place on Earth.’ It only makes sense that it would celebrate the greatest symbol of freedom on a daily basis.

Disney Magic Kingdom Entrance

If you’ve ever been to Disney (either in California or Florida) you will notice several places with American flags – especially on Main Street USA. Disneyland opened in 1955 and ever since, at 5:00pm, Disney Resorts have raised and lowered the American flag on Main Street-always in accordance to flag etiquette, of course.

In 2005, Disney stepped it up and started what is known as the ‘Flag Retreat’ ceremony. The ceremony starts with the marching band, the barbershop quartet, and the Dapper Dans marching towards the flagpole located on Main Street, USA and singing songs like “American the Beautiful” and “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” The Disney staff then stands around the flag in military formation and wait for the cue to lower the flag. As the flag is lowered, the band plays the National Anthem.

Every day Disney selects a special “Veteran of the Day” to help with the ceremony. The person selected is presented with a pin, photo, and a certificate to commemorate the special event. There was a time where you could volunteer to be the special guest, but today it is selected at random and they always select a veteran.

See it happen at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida in the video below!

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