Disney Marathon Runner Carries American Flag for Fallen Soldiers

Retired Senior Petty Officer and Disney Marathon runner carries an American flag in honor of fallen US soldiers as he runs the race

Disney Marathon Runner with American Flag | CG Flags

Sid Busch may be retired, but he is enjoying his work-free life in a different way than most. The former Senior Chief Petty Officer plans to run the Disney marathon while carrying an American flag with a photo of a fallen airman on his back.

Busch, 67, said it is the least he can do to honor all the fallen US soldiers, but one in particular. Air Force Senior Airman Tre Porfirio was 22 when he died after being critically wounded in Afghanistan. Busch never met the airman before, who grew up in St. Mary’s, Georgia.

Busch also commented with, “It’s not about me, the people I’m running for have done all the important stuff.”

However, Busch has done some very important work for the US Armed Forces. Sid enjoyed a 26-year career in the Navy by serving aboard submarines. He has dedicated over 40 marathons and races to fallen American troops in the past nine years. Each time carrying an American Flag and wearing a photo of a soldier killed in battle.

Marathon Runners with American Flags

Busch admits he may not be the fastest, but likes it that way so other runners can actually read the name of the soldier on his back. He has received amazing responses from the families, spectators, and fellow runners for his special dedications.

Busch took up running back in 1981 to prove to a doctor that he was still fit for military service. Since then he has ran 193 marathons and 435 half-marathons. He started dedicating his races after his cousin and running mate was killed during the September 11th attacks in 2001. They ran six marathons together.

The upcoming Disney marathon is set for January 12 and projected to break previous attendance records. This will be the first time he has run this particular race. If you’re there, be sure to look for Sid and his American flag!

Credit: Orlando Sentinel

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