Elks Chapter Celebrates the 236th Birthday of Old Glory

A local Order of the Elks chapter recently held a ceremony honoring the 236th birthday of Old Glory just in time for Flag Day.

Last Sunday, over 120 community members attended a special pre-flag day ceremony at the Order of the Elks No. 2399 building. The ceremony honored the 236th birthday of the American flag. Although Flag Day is officially June 14th, the Elks chapter held the event on the first day of National Flag Week.

Elks chapter celebrates birthday of old glory

To kick off the patriotic event, a group sang The Star-Spangled Banner as a Color Guard from the local Marine Corps League posted the colors. After that, a pair of Elks officers that included Ace Johnson told the crowd the story of Old Glory over the years. The historic story began with how the first American flag was commissioned in May or June of 1776, based on a rendering done by Betsy Ross.

More historic story telling was done by a young Marine Jacob Glover. When he took the podium, he told the story “I am the Flag.” According this his speech, the first official US Flag came to be on June 14th, 1777. The Marine then proceeded to describe what the colors represented, along with the stars and stripes.

National Flag Week officially started June 9th and goes until the 15th. The Elks are also assisting with a US flag exchange, where they collect worn out American flags in exchange for brand new ones for no charge! This is to encourage the community to properly dispose of their old flags, instead of simply tossing them in the trash.

Credit: Hava Sun News

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