Enclaves Become Official Territories in Bangladesh and India

On August 1st, there was big news coming from the countries of India and Bangladesh. The foreign ministry determined that the 51 Bangladesh enclaves located in India would now become official Indian territories. On top of that, the 111 Indian enclaves in Bangladesh would become Bangladesh territory.  The transfer states that residents who lived in Indian enclaves would become Bangladesh citizens, and vice versa. This historic day meant that over 50,000 people could finally become official residents of a nation.

Map of the India and Bangladesh enclaves.

Not only was this a life changing agreement from a social and political standpoint, it also meant that the citizens of these enclaves could finally associate with an official national flag. On August 1st, citizens of these enclaves could finally raise the national flag of their respective country. This may not seem like a big deal to someone who has lived in an official country for their entire life, however, this act ended 68 years of statelessness for the citizens of these enclaves. To celebrate, citizens from these enclaves lit 68 candles, released 68 balloons and exploded 68 firecrackers at midnight on July 31.

Image of the India and Bangladesh national flags.

By now you might be wondering, what is an enclave? An enclave is a geographically separated portion of a state that is surrounded by the territory of another state. An American example would be if Washington D.C. was an official city of New York, but was located in-between Maryland and Virginia – completely separated from the state of New York. This historic territorial transfer allows citizens of the enclaves to be culturally associated with their nations, not just political possessions.

Credit: bdnews24

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