Ex-Marathon Runner’s Flag Carries Incredible Meaning

After 68 marathons, one runner’s flag carries incredible emotion and meaning.

From Boston to Los Angeles, Tom Falvey has run in 68 marathons throughout his life. Now 76-years-old, his last 26.2 mile run that took him 5 hours and 40 minutes put massive stress on his body, causing him to throw in the towel. However, the small American flag he liked to hold at the start of many races will always remind him of love for the sport.

Marathon Runner's Flag
Falvey holds his American flag at the starting line up of a recent marathon

The life-long sportsman, and ex-boxer, enjoyed waving this flag at the starting gate and at the end cheering on the final runners; a tiny act that speaks volumes. Falvey said, “I respect those runners who are out there for six, heck, sometimes close to seven hours and sort of stagger in all alone… Heck in my last couple years I was them.”

Falvey spoke about the Boston Marathon tragedy and gave his deepest regards. The city of Toledo is doing their part to honor the victims with over 7,000 community members who volunteered to run. Falvey will be there waving his stars and stripes in a big and emotional way.

Falvey enlisted in the Army during college, where he fell in love with boxing. When he started to take more hits that he gave, a friend encouraged him to think about distance running and Falvey never looked back. After 68 marathons, his best time was 3 hours and 15 minutes. Now those days are behind him. But that doesn’t mean he’ll stop waving his American flag at the starting and finish lines with more meaning and emotion than ever.

Credit: Toledo Blade

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