Famous Seaside Heights Rollercoaster Regains an American Flag

A daring act of patriotism lands a man in custody as the Seaside Heights Rollercoaster regains an American Flag.

New Jersey native, Christopher Angulo, 38, decided to forgo evacuation warnings when Hurricane Sandy was about to strike land. He was one of the first to witness the aftermath caused by the superstorm and wanted to bring more attention to the damage it caused the east coast.

man on famous seaside rollercoaster


Seaside Heights, New Jersey was one area of the east coast that was hit particularly hard from Hurricane Sandy, leaving very little of the famous boardwalk and surrounding area in shambles – including a rollercoaster. Angulo decided to scale the rollercoaster to place an American flag at the top and bring attention to the east coast’s recovery efforts.

Though an experienced climber, Angulo used only a helmet and two climbing lanyards to make the ascent to the top of the famed Seaside Heights rollercoaster that – to this day – remains submerged in water from Hurricane Sandy.

Seaside rollercoaster regains american flag


Police talked the self-described “daredevil” down from the rollercoaster and promptly arrested him, citing a need to seek mental help. Authorities brought him to the psychiatric ward at St. Barnabas hospital in Toms River.

But, thanks to one brave man the famous rollercoaster regains an American flag to proudly show off the stars and stripes. While Angulo doesn’t know how long he will be kept at St. Barnabas Hospital, he asserts, “I’m going to keep putting American flags up. I might go back to the roller coaster and put up an even bigger flag.”

Credit: NY Daily News

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