Most Famous State Flags

By now we know that there are some very unique state flags, but there are also numerous similar looking state flags. At the same time, some people would not even recognize their state flag. But what about the most famous state flags? Below are the 5 most famous state flags and what makes them famous.


Image of the California state flag.

The California state flag slightly edges Texas for the top spot on our most famous state flags list. The deciding factor is that the state of California is arguably the most famous state in the United States. The presence of Hollywood helps make California the most famous in the country. There has even been a clothing line that has formed because of the California state flag – called California Republic. California also has the highest population of any state in the country, which gives the state flag the most recognition.


Image of the Texas state flag.

The Texas state flag comes in at a close second place on our most famous state flags list. Like California, Texas is one of the most famous states in the country. The Texas state flag properly represents the characteristics of the state better than any other state flag. The large lone star, on a red, white and blue background makes it recognizable to many people across the United States.


Image of the Maryland state flag.

The Maryland state flag is arguably the most unique state flag in the country, and that is what makes it famous. Its mixture of colors, patterns and meanings makes it both famous and symbolic. The split design comes from the split allegiances that Maryland had during the American civil war.  Maryland’s proximity to Washington D.C. also makes it one of the most famous states in the country.


Image of the Ohio state flag.

Similar to Maryland, the uniqueness of the Ohio State flag also makes it one of the most famous state flags. Ohio sports the only state flag that is not a regular shape. Instead of the typical rectangular shape, the Ohio state flag features a triangular indentation on the outside end of the flag. Combine this with the large “O” and this is one of the most famous flags in the United States.


Image of the Colorado state flag.

The Colorado state flag may surprise some with its appearance on the most famous state flags list. However, the state of Colorado is viewed as one of the gems of the United States. The lifestyle, environment, natural resources, diversity and prosperity make Colorado a beloved state. Not to mention, it is hard not to think of Colorado when you look at this flag. Colorado’s place on the most famous state flags list is about more than just design; it’s about the entire package.

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