Field of Honor “Honor Our Heroes” Nov. 4 – 11Th | Murrieta, CA

The 2012 Field of Honor Started Nov. 4th and Marks the Tribute’s Fourth Year.

This week, for the fourth year, the Field of Honor begins in Murrieta, California.  This past Sunday’s opening ceremony marked the official launch of this year’s Field of Honor, hosted by the city and Rotary Club of Murrieta. The breathtaking memorial will continue through Veterans Day and sponsors a series of activities, including a candlelight ceremony at 6 p.m. Tuesday.  On Saturday, festivities, such as a concert, military expo and U.S. Marine Corps’ birthday celebrations will take place. Murrieta Rotary’s patriotic event returns this fall for the fourth time with its annual tribute of flying American flags taking place from Nov. 4 – 11th .

Murrieta Field of Honor

With over 2,000 flags posted to “honor our heroes” – Military service members and others heroes – the sight of the field is awe-inspiring.  The flags that make up the ceremony also represent veterans, first-responders, teachers, community leaders and anyone else who has made selfless contributions, not only active-duty service members. To learn more about and see more pictures from Field of Honor, click here! Closing ceremonies take place at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 11th, after Murrieta’s annual Veterans Day Parade. American flags are available for purchase at the Field of Honor for $35 this week. You can collect them at the end of the event and display them again next year.

Field of Honor Pictures



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  1. Can you please explain how this event works? Can I put my hero’s name anywhere and attach his name to this event?

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