Fifth Graders Honor the American Flag

Fifth graders from all over York Country learn how to honor the American flag.

Last week in York County, Nebraska, fifth graders from all over the area learned about an American symbol and how to properly honor the stars and stripes. The students watched a special hour-long presentation put on by a few very special guests. The York High School Principal Mitch Bartholomew and York Lions Club representative Ardean Kohtz both kicked off the presentation and spoke about proper flag etiquette.

Next, Boy Scout Troop 174 demonstrated some of the proper flag rules by presenting the colors in front of the whole crowd. Then everyone gathered in group rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance and the high school band played the “Star Spangled Banner” and “God Bless the USA” afterwards.

fifth grades honor American flag

After the music, a representative of the York Elks Lodge 1024, Kevin Burns, recited a brief snippet of the history of the American flag and others to the crowd. As Burns read about each historical flag, the students watched as the Boy Scouts carried it down the aisle and displayed it on stage.

Finally, the Lions Club gave five large U.S. flags to a number of students whose parents were currently serving overseas. One Lions Club member also reminded all of the fifth graders that the flag is a powerful sign of appreciation for the service and sacrifices them and their families make for this country. As each child left the auditorium, they were awarded a small stick flag that will always remind them of their new patriotic knowledge.

What else would you have included in the presentation?

Credit: York News Times

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