First Full Field American Flag for the Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills unveil field-size flag for the Salute to Service football game.

The Thursday, November 15 night NFL game was all about honoring the red, white, and blue. As part of the Salute to Service game that honors veterans and those currently serving, a giant American flag stretched from endzone to endzone. Held up by 150 service men and women, the full field American flag was a first for the Ralph Wilson Stadium and marked a very memorable event for all players and fans.

Buffalo Bills Full Field Flag

Many eager fans stare at the flag in awe, but few know the journey of how such a large flag came to be. The voyage started in Salt Lake City, Utah where the flag was split and folded inside six huge duffel bags. However, once safely in New York, the flag only took 10 minutes to assemble. All six sections are made out of nylon parachute material and clip together by secret backpack clips placed on the underside of the flag. Due to the size and distorted proportions, this a flag of this magnitude is only considered a “prop.”

Project coordinators were focused on getting the crowd pumped up and cheering, along with bringing everyone together with the emotional event. The flag was officially unrolled for the crowd during the singing of the National Anthem. Many Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins players even jumped in to help hold the flag with military members.

Credit: Buffalo Bills

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