Flag-Adorned Wall Honors Veterans

Twin Bluff Middle School honors Veterans Day with a remarkably large handmade American flag adorning the school’s walls.

It is a common sight to see American flags on plentiful display, particularly around a holiday such as Veterans Day. However, rarely do you see an American flag the size of the one adorning the walls at Twin Bluff Middle School in Red Wing, Minnesota.

American Flag-Adorned Wall

What started as a social studies classroom project quickly turned into an inspiring school-wide effort to honor past and current military service members. Fifth-grade teacher, Jody Bergeson said, “It’s a collaborative effort between all of the students and staff to honor and respect all those that have given us all our freedom and liberty to be Americans and stay in our country.”

Students and staff have been constructing the huge flag with strips of red, white and blue construction paper. Names of current veterans adorn the white stripes, names of retired veterans who are still living adorn the red stripes and names of deceased veterans adorn the blue canton. Students were able to add names of veterans they know as extra-credit assignments.

The finished American flag-adorned wall covers an entire hallway in the school, from floor ceiling.

Credit: Republican-Eagle


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