Flag Artist Scott LoBaido Redesigns Defaced Brooklyn Mural

Just a few short weeks after a Brooklyn mural was defaced, artist Scott LoBaido rebounded with a fresh – and in your face – painting. A still unknown suspect vandalized the Brooklyn painting late one mid-May night, covering it with the inscription “Patriotism Makes Me Sick” in black spray paint.

It took LoBaido less than two days to give the American Flag mural a facelift – including two new, stern messages: “Don’t Tread on Me” and a large battling rattlesnake. While LoBaido is known for this patriotic building and rooftop murals, this is the most serious act against his paintings he has ever had, calling it a “hate crime.” The 35 by 20 foot mural was painted on the side of a linen warehouse building more than two years ago at the request of the owner of the building, John Gentile of Tottennville.

Scott LoBaido mural NY

LoBaido has painted patriotic murals on rooftops and buildings across all 50 states and is known for his sometimes controversial, but always pro-American activism. He is known for his “Flags Across America” trek across the United States in 2006, in which he painted an American Flag on at least one rooftop in all 50 states. He specializes in surreal and abstract paintings, displaying his patriotism.

Sources: WPIX, SILive

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