Flag Ceremony Salutes Veterans

In Concord, Connecticut, a unique flag ceremony salutes veterans all over the country for their dedication and service.

This year on Veteran’s Day, a flag ceremony in Concord saluted veterans for their service and dedication to protecting this country. As the sun shone above them, several veterans gathered around the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery to salute their fallen comrades.

“This cemetery is a sign of respect for our American flags. This the traditional way,” said Kenneth Estey, a Vietnam veteran who served in 1969.

US Flag Retirement Ceremony Veterans

Dozens of active and past military members came out to the cemetery, along with local Boy and Girl Scout Troops, 4-H members and more. In fact, many community members came out to celebrate the 48th annual Veteran’s Day Flag Retirement Ceremony.

The annual ceremony dates all the way back to 1965 when the tradition began with the raising of the American flag inside the cemetery. Volunteers then retired old flags with anyone else that wanted to participate. Prior to 1965, many American flags were left in the ceremony throughout winter. This left all the spring flags faded and torn.

This year during the Veteran’s Day ceremony, everyone present formed two lines and people handed flags down to the veterans and eventually the firefighters who delicately placed the worn out flags in the flames. A few veterans from the Concord community also spoke at the event.

Credit: Wicked Local

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