Flag Day Contest: Win a Free US Flag

Flag Day Contest: Vote for your favorite historical flag now and win a free American flag!

Flag Day contest

Over the years, the American flag has been redesigned many times and other historical flags have popped up along the way. Which historical American flag is your favorite? We want to know! Vote for your favorite flag below and you’re entered to win a free 3 x 5 US flag. A winner will be picked at random from everyone that votes.

Read more about the history of these flags. If you have a different favorite flag of all time, comment and let us know!

Betsy Ross Flag Day Flag
Betsy Ross American Flag
Gadsden Flag Day Flag
Gadsden Flag
Bennington Flag
Bennington Flag

Dying to know more about the history of the Flag Day holiday? CVS Flags has all your answers!

All flags pictured are available for purchase at CVSFlags.com.

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5 Replies to “Flag Day Contest: Win a Free US Flag

  1. I fly the “Sons of Liberty” 7 stripe flag, but the Gadsden flag is a favorite among libertarians.

  2. “Don’t Tread On Me” is our family motto. We have flown this flag along with the 48 and 50 star flags on The Fourth since we were kids in the 50s.

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