Flag Event at Church Evokes Life Lessons

Boy scout troop flag event at church honors Old Glory as they learn other valuable life skills.

In honor of Independence Day, Boy Scout troop 139 held a flag retirement ceremony while also dedicating a flagpole in honor of the holiday. This is the very first flagpole for Northampton Street Church where this troop is located.

Learning how to properly retire the flag is only one of the many life lessons and skills Troop 139 learns. After a several year hiatus, Committee chairwoman Leona Harper reinstated the troop six years ago when she saw a need in the community for teaching young boys how to become men.

Troop 139 now includes around 60 members between the Boy and Cub Scouts, which make it the largest inner-city troop in the United States.

Kaleb Walker, a 13-year-old scout, says as a member he learned responsibility, leadership skills, and the value of treating others the way you want to be treated. He also explains, “helping out people- it gives me a good feeling inside.” Respecting the flag is a lesson Walker especially took to heart and looks to join to Navy or Air Force someday.

In addition learning flag etiquette, the boys are taught how to swim, pitch a tent, the inner workings of the government, and how to step up and be a leader. Along with a strong base in the church, a strong community and parental support also back the troop.

Source: Buffalo News

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