Flag Man Honors Fallen Soldier with 2,280 American Flags

Traveling the country for seven years, Flag Man honors soldiers in his own unique way.

Last week in Estherville, Iowa hundreds of people gathered to help set up thousands of American flags in honor of fallen soldier, Staff Sgt. Steven Blass. The over 2,000 American flag display is attributed to one special person they call the Flag Man.

Flag Man honors American flags

From Little York, Illinois, Larry Eckhardt enjoys traveling the country and paying his respects to all those who have served and given their lives to this country. This is now the 105th time Eckhardt has put on his special U.S. flag memorial. He started his tradition seven years ago. “There are a lot of freedoms out there that these men and women are guaranteeing us that we have. So it’s important that these flags protect him on his last trip,” said Eckhardt.

Now in Iowa, Larry and his supporters line the city streets along the funeral procession route with the American flags. One town resident described the scene as “absolutely beautiful,” and a great way to honor they fallen soldier. Larry sees this as his way to giving back to all his heroes.

Credit: KCRG | WhoTV

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