‘Flag Man’ Travels Cross-Country to Honor Fallen Soldier Funerals

For over a decade, ‘Flag Man’ Larry Eckhardt of Little York, Illinois, has traveled the country attending funerals of fallen soldiers killed overseas and lining the streets with flags.

Flag Man’s History

Flag Man

Armed with hundreds of American flags, Flag Man learns the procession route and places miles of flags along each side of the road. As they always do, strangers begin to line the highways and often join the procession to pay respects.

Eckhardt follows two motto’s: Nothing is more important as honoring a fallen soldier, and there’s no such thing as too many flags.

Under One Flag

In 2014, Eckhardt took 680 flags representing one of every 10 service members who had died since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

The event included a ceremony to honor Eckhardt, New York City firefighter Michael Weinberg and Marine Corporal Zach Reiff. All men were connected by a single flag, dedicated to Weinberg after he died at Ground Zero on 9-11. The flag made its way into eckhardt’s collection and later flew at the route of Reiff’s funeral, who died while serving in Afghanistan.

Reiff’s parents now have that flag.

Watch the full story here.

Source: Wide Open Country and WQAD 8

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