Flagpole Painting – A Family Affair

A fear of heights is not even a question for this father-son duo and their business, the flagpole painting business that is. Warren Hinrichs travels the country painting any and every flagpole he’s asked to do. Their latest job, the Woodbury Court House, took him a mere three hours for which he received about $1000.

Warren learned from his father and now is passing the trade onto his son, Daniel. This is his first summer on the job, and Daniel is already learning the task may not be as easy as his father makes it look. After a two-hour attempt on the pole, Warren took over for his son who remains constantly impressed by his father’s skillful approach.

Just how do they stay on the flagpoles so high up? Ropes of course! The Hinrichs’ use a rope pulley system to climb the poles, and proceed to work from the top down. Due to the nature of the job, safety is the number one aspect Warren stresses to Daniel. Not only is there the potential to injure yourself, but also people below from the potential of falling objects.

As far as Daniel is concerned, he is happy to take over the family business and feels pride when “taking care of the poles because of what it means, as far as the American flag and Patriotism.” His only worry is continuing the legacy his Father and Grandfather have set forth.

Source: KCAU TV


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