Flags atop Mount Everest

Image of the flags at Mount Everest base camp.

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world with an estimated height of 29,000 feet at its peak.  The mountain is located in the Himalayan Mountains near the Nepal-Tibet-China border; however, it attracts thrill seekers and sports enthusiasts from around the world. Climbing the mountain is said to be an experience of a lifetime for those physically fit enough to achieve this feat. Many climbers who do climb it will place flags atop Mount Everest. This area is known as Everest Base Camp (see image above). Everest Base Camp is not at the summit, but at a location near the beginning of the final climb towards the summit. Climbers will often attach flags of their native country to the group of national flags left behind by previous climbers. Those climbers will then embark on the journey towards the top of Mount Everest. Below is an image of a few members of the United States Air Force with flags atop Mount Everest.

Image of the American flag and Air Force flag atop Mount Everest.

With that being said, there are rumors of a new flag tradition beginning in May 2015. Members of the United Nations (UN) will hoist national flags of 193 countries to the peak of Mount Everest. These national flags atop Mount Everest are said to be a symbolic message for friendship and peace among the nations. Photos will be taken of each national flag and sent to the leaders of that particular nation. This may seem like a simple gesture of peace, but it will not be a cheap one. However, the President of the Nepal Mountaineering Association announced that he would personally take of all costs with hopes that this gesture helps maintain world peace. Stay tuned for photos and further developments.

Source: ekantipur

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