Flags with Vertical Stripes

Flags that have vertical stripes are easy to design and replicate because of their simplistic approach. As you will see in this post, we can feature 5 different flags with vertical stripes – yet all 5 will appear different. You will also notice that 4 of the 5 flags that we feature in this post come from Europe – as this flag design concept is popular in the region. Let’s take a look at five of the most famous flags with 3 vertical stripes.


Image of the French flag.

The French flag is widely considered to be the originator of the tricolor flag. Shortly after the French flag was created during the French Revolution, other European nations began to create their own tricolor flags. As for those tricolors, the blue stands for liberty, white stands for equality and red stands for fraternity.


Image of the Belgium flag.

The Belgium flag originates from the Duchy of Brabant’s coat of arms. The Duchy of Brabant was part of the Roman Empire until the early 1400s. The coat of arms features a golden lion with red claws standing on its hind legs. The Belgium flag uses the colors of the Brabant coat of arms without incorporating the lion. From left to right the Belgium flag features black (determination), yellow/gold (generosity) and red (bravery and strength).


Image of the flag of Ireland.

The Irish flag is a popular symbol that many people would recognize from St. Patrick’s Day. While Irish people are generally associated with luck, luck is not represented in the Irish flag. The green on the flag stands for the native Catholic people of Ireland. The orange color stands for the British settlers, most of which are Protestant. The white color of peace is thought to bring the two religions together to form the nation of Ireland.


Image of the flag of Italy.

Italy is one of the most famous countries in the world because of its culture, food and history. This diversity is also displayed in the Italian flag. The Italian flag features two different color meanings, one physical and one emotional. Physically, the green stands for the meadows and hills, white for the snowy Alps, and red for the fertile soil. Emotionally, the green stands for hope, white for faith and red for charity.


Image of the flag of Mexico.

While Mexico does not have a cultural connection to Italy, the flag of Mexico looks similar to the flag of Italy. Besides the coat of arms at the center of the Mexican flag, the two flags look nearly identical. Despite the similarity of their national flags, the flag of Mexico has a much different meaning. The green on the Mexican flag stands for hope and prosperity, the white stands for peace and the red stands for the blood of the country’s hero’s.

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