Florida Lawmaker Wants all Flags Made in the USA

One Florida lawmaker wants all flags made in the USA, so he proposed his own bill that would require it.

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Florida state representative, Ritch Workman, recently introduced a new American flag bill. If this bill passes, it would require all US and Florida flags purchased for public use by the state and local governments be made in America. This measure was filed last Monday.

However, what exactly does ‘Made in American’ entail?

Under the proposed bill, American and Florida flags must be made from materials that are grown, produced, and manufactured in the United States. If the bill is approved, violating the terms would become a second-degree misdemeanor.

American flag on Nave Ship

As this bill gains momentum, it was given the nickname the ‘All-American Flag Act.’ As of now, no Senate companion has been filed. This is not the first time a bill of this nature has been proposed. A similar idea was thrown around by the US House of Representatives with the intention of stopping the Federal Government from buying and displaying American flags made outside of the country.

What brought on the first proposed bill by the House? That Federal measure was initially filed in 2012 after the LA Times newspaper reported that in 2011 over $3.6 million worth of US flags were imported into the United States, mostly from China.

What do you think of this proposed bill? Do you support the initiative or think the bill goes to far?

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Credit: Orlando Sentinel

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