When to Fly Your American Flag in 2014 | Flag Holidays

When to fly your American Flag in 2014 – Full and half-Staff flag holidays and dates to fly your flag in 2014

Half Staff US Flags on Patriot Day

Ever missed a half-staff flag holiday or forgot to fly your American Flag on an important date? We’ve all been there. With busy day-to-day life, it’s easy to miss an opportunity to fly your US flag, either at full or half-staff.

We want to help make sure you never miss a flag holiday or half-staff occasion during 2014. Here is a list of important dates to remember in the upcoming year. You can also sign up for our email notification service to receive alerts right to your inbox! Sign up here.

January 2014:

February 2014

  • Monday February 7th – XXII Winter Olympics begin (Full-Staff)
  • Monday February 17th – Presidents’ Day (Full-Staff)

May 2014

  • Thursday May 15th – Peace Officer’s Memorial Day (Half-Staff)
  • Saturday May 17thArmed Forces Day (Full-Staff)
  • Monday May 26thMemorial Day (Half-Staff until Noon, then raised to Full-Staff)

June 2014

  • Friday, June 6 – D-Day Anniversary (Half-Staff)
  • Saturday June 14 – Flag Day (Full-Staff)

July 2014

pow/mia and american flag

September 2014

October 2014

  • Monday October 13th – Columbus Day (Full-Staff)

November 2014

  • Tuesday November 4th – Election Day (Full-Staff)
  • Tuesday November 11thVeterans Day (Full-Staff)
  • Thursday November 27thThanksgiving Day (Full-Staff)

December 2014

And don’t forget, the President can also declare the American flag be flown at half-staff for any additional occasion that arises with a Presidential Proclamation.

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8 Replies to “When to Fly Your American Flag in 2014 | Flag Holidays

  1. It is not only a privilege, but our duty to fly our flags. I am very proud to be a citizen of this great country, and although I cannot afford to support very many of the charities that soldiers are involved in, I can show my support with our American Flag. I am the wife of a Navy veteran, the mother of a Navy soldier, the sister of an Air Force Lifer, and the aunt of a Desert Storm soldier who lost his life, and my Father is a World War II veteran, (still living), who was a medic and helped the injured out of the death camps. Proud is not the word for what I feel for the soldiers in my family, it is more like they wear my heart on their chest. Thank you to all of my family members who served and Thank you to all of the soldiers who are presently serving and the veterans, who placed their lives on the line for all of us here at home. We salute you……

  2. The Flag Code of The United States.

    Officials say that when a flag is raised for the first time of each day, it should be taken to the top of the flagpole before being lowered to half-staff.
    The flag is also supposed to be displayed only from sunrise to sunset, and it can be displayed at night only if a light shines on it.
    Below you can find more information listed as part of The Flag Code of The United States — Public Law 94-344, July 7, 1976
    It is the universal custom to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset on buildings and on stationary flagstaffs in the open. However, when a patriotic effect is desired, the flag may be displayed twenty-four hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness.
    When displayed either horizontally or vertically against a wall, the union should be uppermost and to the flag’s own right, that is, to the observer’s left. When displayed in a window, the flag should be displayed in the same way, with the union or blue field to the left of the observer in the street.
    No other flag or pennant should be placed above or, if on the same level, to the right of the flag of the United States of America, except during church services conducted by naval chaplains at sea…for personnel of the Navy…when the church pennant may be flown above the flag.
    No person shall display the flag of the United Nations or any other national or international flag equal, above, or in a position of superior prominence or honor to, or in place of, the flag of the United States at any place within the United States or any Territory or possession thereof; Provided, that nothing in this section shall make unlawful the continuance of the practice heretofore followed of displaying the flag of the United Nations in a position of superior prominence or honor, and other national flags in positions of equal prominence or honor, with that of the flag of the United States at the headquarters of the United Nations.
    When flags of States, cities, or localities, or pennants, of societies are flown on the same halyard with the flag of the United States, the latter should always be at the peak.
    When the flags are flown from adjacent staffs, the flag of the United States should be hoisted first and lowered last. No such flag or pennant may be placed above the flag of the United States or to the United States flag’s right.
    The flag of the United States of America, when it is displayed with another flag against a wall form crossed staffs, should be on the right, the flag’s own right, and its staff should be in front of the staff of the other flag.
    The flag of the United States of America should be at the center and at the highest point of the group when a number of flags of States or localities or pennants of societies are grouped and displayed from staffs. (Only exception to * Note below)
    When flags of two or more nations are displayed, they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height. The flags should be of approximately equal size. International usage forbids the display of the flag of one nation above that of another nation in time of peace.
    American Legion officials in Iowa say the flag should not be draped over the hood, top, sides or back of a vehicle, train or boat.
    And when the flag is displayed on a car, the staff should be fixed firmly to the framework or clamped to the right fender.

  3. Thank you for explaining that. I will now know how to properly hang the flag my dad gave me. my son and I both were wondering if we just hang it. which is what we have done for the past 6 months. I now have a light on it. It is on its own right. Thank you so much. Now we ,also have the half staff dates as well. Thank you again for this site.

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