Foreign Made U.S. Flags are Now Banned on Military Bases

Image of a Made in the USA sticker.

The use of foreign made U.S. flags is no more says the United States Defense Department. The Pentagon has now banned the use and display of foreign made U.S. flags on military bases. This means that all American military bases must fly American made U.S. flags. Every aspect of the flag’s construction from the materials to the craftsmanship needs to come from America. However, the rule does not apply to flag poles and flag accessories, as the production and distribution of these items is not regulated. The new rule also does not apply to the soldiers themselves. American soldiers still have the right to purchase foreign made U.S. flags using their own money.

Mark Wright, spokesman of the Department of Defense called the new rule “a symbol of our national pride”. Wright went on to say that “It’s a measure of the level of patriotism within our military to know the flag they salute, flying over that ship or over that base, was made within the United States”.

Previously, the government had purchased the flags from American stores, but they did not check to see if the American flags were made in the U.S.A. The initial reaction to the new rule has been overwhelmingly positive. Many believe that it could be viewed as offensive if the United States government purchased foreign made U.S. flags to fly at American military bases. The troops represent America, and they should be associated with American made U.S. flags. Reggie VandenBosch, Chairman of the Flag Manufacturers Association of America agrees, saying in a statement; “This reflects the attitude of not only members of the military, but also the American public”.

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Source: The Hill

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