Free Flag Giveaway | What is Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

It’s time for another free American Flag Giveaway! Tell us your favorite holiday tradition for a chance to win a free US Flag

American Flag and Fireworks

It’s that time of year again where the holiday season is in full swing! Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, New Years and More – How do you celebrate??┬áDo you spend time with family, cook grand meals, watch the same movies, play board games, see fireworks, volunteer or travel?

Everyone has their own traditions, which they have made special over the years. Or maybe you just started a new one. However you celebrate the holiday season, let us know and you’re entered to win a brand new 3 x 5 American Flag!

From all the entries we receive, a random winner will be choose on Friday January 3rd. So don’t delay, enter today and tell us your favorite part of the holidays or tradition you have.

american flag in snow

Thank you for entering our Free Flag Giveaway! Have a great day and Happy Holidays from everyone at CVS Flags.

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One Reply to “Free Flag Giveaway | What is Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?”

  1. Amongst many other Holiday activities, I like to play “Secret Anonymous Patriotic Santa” for at least one house/home in my neighborhood.

    When I stopped smoking almost 5 years ago, I took up walking as a form of healthy, low-impact exercise. I walk all around my neighborhood, using a different route every day to keep it “interesting”. I walk between 5 and 7 miles almost every day, so in a course of about a month, I’ve pretty much walked every block of every street for about a 1.5 to 2 miles radius from my house.

    Among the many hundreds of houses I pass, there are some that fly American Flags. I take note of whose Flag is getting near to its “retirement” age, if you know what I mean. This is a LOT easier to track in the late-Spring, early-Summer when there are MANY more people flying their Flags!

    On or about December 15th, I mail (anonymously) one or more of my U.S. Flags to the address/addresses of the people I think are in need of a Flag. So far, I’ve secretly given out 11 Flags to households in my neighborhood. And… So far nobody’s “ratted me out” for my “Secret Anonymous Patriotic Santa” activities to the media.

    This year (12-15-13) one of the three U.S. Flags I sent out was one that I won in an early Summer Flag Contest from….. Drum Roll, Please….. CVS Flags!!!

    Patriotically, yours,

    Robin Hickman
    (Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man)

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