Giant Freedom Flag to Fly Above New Roundabout

Florida city to host special ceremony to celebrate new Freedom Flag.

Measuring 12 feet by 18 feet, a giant American flag will commemorate the brand new roundabout in the middle of the small town Tavares, Florida.  The city is hosting a special ceremony where the VFW, American Legion, and local color guard will all help celebrate the new Freedom Flag, which was funded completely by donations.

The Public Works direct Chris Thompson said the citizens are all very proud of the flag and is sure the new site will become a landmark for their town. Thompson first got the idea to add a large American flag when he was driving through Michigan and saw Old Glory in the middle of a traffic circle. He described it as magnificent.

Giant Freedom Flag

The roundabout was officially approved by the city back in 2010, when they were proven to cause less traffic crashes and fewer fatal accidents than regular intersections. Originally, palm trees were set to adorn the middle of the roundabout after Thompson’s Freedom Flag suggestion, a target fundraising goal of $28,000 was set.  The town had so much support for the project, the flag fundraising goal was actually exceeded. The extra money was set aside for maintenance and upkeep for the Freedom Flag.

Tavares has big plans that reach beyond just the Freedom Flag. Eventually the city plans on adding a monument next to the American flag that will display all the names of the proud donors.

Credit: Orlando Sentinel

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