The Gold Star Banner – When Should You Display It?

The Gold Star Banner is an honorable US Military symbol, but why do people display it?

Just like the Blue Star Banner, the Gold Star Banner dates all the way back to World War I as a military symbol. Both star banners have very important meanings in regards to soldiers, but represent different circumstances.

Gold Star Banner from CVS Flags

Blue Star Banners mean that someone in the family is currently serving in the US Armed Forces. The Gold Star Service Banner signals the greatest condolences to the families of those that lost a loved one serving in the US Military.

Gold Star Service Banner

The Gold Star Service Banner is rectangular in shape with a think red outer boarder. The smaller, inner rectangle is white with the gold star prominently in the center. Some will also contain gold fringe on the bottom edge.

Since the First World War, families with active members serving in the military would display a blue star banner in their home, one star for each person. However, if one of the family members passed away while serving their country a gold star would then replace the blue.

While this military banner represents sad emotions, it is still an honorable symbol to display for a deceased family member that continues to endure during American history.

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