Governor Flags – Which States Have Them and What They Look Like

Did you know governor flags existed? Sure we knew the nation has a flag and so does each state and many cities, but the governor?

There are 16 states that have a personal flag for the governor of their state. The 16 states are: Alabama, California, Hawaii, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas and Vermont.

Many of these flags have designs that closely match their state flag and contain four five-point stars. Today we will be discussing those governor flags that are least like their state flag.


Governor flags california

California is one of the only state flags to not contain the color blue. The governor’s flag differs because it is a blue flag and does not hold any similarities to its state flag. The governor’s flag is the seal of California surrounded by four five-point stars in each corner. The states seal has symbols that feature California’s wine production, agriculture and history in gold mining. The seal also features the phrase “Eureka” meaning “I have found it!” the states motto.


governor flag ohio

While Ohio’s state flag is the only flag that is not rectangular, the governor’s flag holds true to the traditional flag shape. The Ohio governor’s flag has the Ohio state seal on a field of scarlet red. In the center of the flag there are 13 white stars surrounding the seal and again four five-point stars in each corner.


governor flag tennessee

The Tennessee state flag differs from the governor’s flag in design but shares the same scarlet colored background. The governor’s flag again has the four five-point stars, one in each corner, with the State Military Crest in the center. The states military crest is a tree with three white stars in the center.

Were you surprised to see these unique flags? Which one was your favorite?

Here are a few more to show the pattern of the five-point star that is used in many governor flags.


governor flag kansas


governor flag nevada


governor flag texas

North Dakota

governor flag north dakota


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