Great American Picnic on Flag Day

The Longaberger Homestead is set to celebrate Flag Day with a Great American Picnic and unveil a massive version of Old Glory.

In Frazeysburg, Ohio, the Longaberger Homestead plans on breaking a world record this Flag Day. Along with holding a festive community picnic, they will unveil the world’s largest American flag that measures 255 feet by 505 feet. That’s bigger than a football field!

Largest American flag on Flag Day

Frazeysburg and a nearby town Zanesville, both plan on honoring Old Glory all Flag Day weekend long. They are giving their visitors a chance to not only witness this massive American flag, but also help carry it. The Great American Picnic is set to run Friday June 14 through June 15, with many patriotic activities the whole family will enjoy.

So where did this small Ohio town get such a glorious US flag? From California, the record-breaking flag requires 500-600 people to hold it up. Special priority will be given to the first 200 people to walk through the gates on Flag Day. Picnic coordinators also plan on holding a raffle to give away another 50 spots holding up the giant flag.

American Flag basket on flag day

Many patriotic groups from around the community plan on attending the Great American Picnic, such as Boy and Girl Scouts, military personnel, veteran organizations, and more. Admission is free and open to anyone. The picnic will include a basket auction where all proceeds will benefit the Fisher House, which helps military families find housing.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Also included in the picnic are several prize drawings, live music, outdoor games, shopping specials and plenty of food. The Longaberger Co. is very excited to hold such a patriotic and family-oriented event, dedicated to honoring our nation’s flag!

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Credit: Newark Advocate

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