Ground Zero Flag Part of Hometown Heroes Day

The flag recovered from Ground Zero was part of a ceremony at Towson University to honor loved ones lost on September 11, 2001.

While the national anthem sounded before the first home football game at Towson University, 50 hometown heroes held the Ground Zero flag that had been recovered from the wreckage following the attacks on 9/11. Hometown Heroes day memorializes the 9/11 tragedy and the members of the Maryland Department of Veteran Affairs, National Guard, Wounded Warrior Project, Fort Meade and the university’s Veteran Services, as well as the Baltimore Country police and fire departments.

Senior associate director of athletics, Michael Harris, said, “We started Hometown Heroes’ day with the football games and wanted to make it bigger.”

Towson University Ground Zero Flag

The historic Ground Zero flag was recovered from the World Trade Center grounds and has made its way around the country, stopping at various places to be displayed. At each stop, different people add a piece to the flag and stitch the flag back together.

Towson University student Emily Metelski added, “I think anything that brings attention to Sept. 11 it is important; we shouldn’t forget and we should keep talking about it.”

The flag was on display after the football game, along with the National Guard and an antique fire truck where students, faculty and other spectators were able to learn more about the jobs of people who carried the flag before the game.

Credit: The Tower Light

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