Hanukkah around the World

The first day of Hanukkah began this past Sunday at sunset and ends on Tuesday the 14th at nightfall. The holiday is observed by kindling the candles of a nine-branched menorah. One candle for each day and the shamash, which lights each days candle and is placed above or below the others.

This holiday honors the rededication of the Temple and regaining control of Jerusalem. Traditions range from lighting candles, singing songs, reciting prayer, playing dreidel and eating foods in oil.

Wonder what countries are observing Hanukkah around the world? Check out what Israel, England, India, America, Germany and France do for the holiday below.

Jerusalem, Israel


In Jerusalem, home of Judaism, the Hanukkah celebration takes to the streets with several different activities. The first, torch relays, which marks the beginning of the holiday. People line the road and pass a burning torch hand to hand that then lights the giant menorah at the Western Wall. Other special events include shows, food and festivals.

London, England


In Trafalgar Square, you can watch each day of Hanukkah as the lights of the menorah are lit. Did we mention you can attend for free?!



At Gateway of India, the aim is to spread love and light at the festival, as well as peace and goodness.

Washington, D.C.


The festivities at the Ellipse in Washington, D.C. included musical performances from the US Air Force Band, hot latkes and donuts and lighting the menorah each night.

Berlin, Germany


In Berlin, Germany at the Brandenburg Gate, this larger than life menorah is lit annually. Numerous ambassadors attend each year.

Paris, France


A 30-foot menorah is lit at the base of the Eiffel Tower and broadcasted on live TV.

Do you celebrate Hanukkah? Did you know about these celebrations from around the world? Let us know what you do for your Hanukkah.

Photo Source: Travel Channel

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