What Happened to the Ground Zero American Flag?

It’s one of history’s great mysteries; what became of the 9/11 ground zero American flag?

On September 11th, 2001, three New York City firefighters rushed to join the search for survivors around the fallen World Trade Center, many of whom were never found. Later that afternoon they did something that would live in infamy forever. The three men raised a small American flag that they removed from a nearby boat.

As they raised Old Glory, one lucky cameraman snapped the famous picture that would soon be broadcasted nationwide. The photo became so popular for its similarity to the flag-raising picture that was snapped in Iwo Jima and the two soon became icons for a shaken nation.

Newsweek Cover Ground Zero American Flag

While the exact whereabouts of the Iwo Jima flag are known (it’s in the National Museum of the Marine Corps), the location of the World Trade Center flag remains a mystery. CNN recently shot a documentary called “The Flag,” that aims to uncover this great disappearing act. The film is set to air Wednesday night.

The flag actually went missing only hours after it was raised at ground zero. Researchers and historians look to uncover its whereabouts by looking through old photos taken around that time. A film director said, “The original flag was either misplaced, stolen, or secreted away by unknown forces in the chaos of ground zero.”

For many people, the missing flag raises and even larger question: Is it the actual flag that is most important or the American ideals it represents? Opinions will vary but you can’t deny that the small US flag raised 12 years ago became a powerful national symbol.

What do you think happened to the ground zero American flag? If they find it, what do you think should happen to it?

Credit: CNN.com

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