Happy 104th Birthday to the US Army Reserve

The United States Army consists of two forces: Active Duty Soldiers or Soldiers in the US Army Reserve. While the two forces work together in tandem and are intertwined, Active Duty soldiers devote their time to the Army as a fulltime career.

The United States Army Reserve requires soldiers – also known as Warrior Citizens – to serve when needed; soldiers who are in the Army Reserve maintain their civilian careers, while devoting at least one weekend per month and a two-week stint each year to basic and field training, respectively, standing by the ready to serve at a moment’s notice. Army Reserve soldiers bring civilian expertise to their service in the military and are a key operational force of the Army. When an Active Duty soldier is deployed, Army Reserve soldiers often fill the open positions at home.


The United States Army Reserve was formed on April 23, 1908 providing a reserve of medical officers to the Army. Since then, Army Reserve soldiers have served in several other military wars, as well as helping with humanitarian and peacekeeping efforts. Army Reserve soldiers help out in areas such as homeland security, information technology, biohazard protection, logistics, civil affairs, psychological operations and medical services.


Thank you to all United States Army Reserve troops, past and present, for their dedication to our country!

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