Happy 224th Birthday, South Carolina!

In honor of the states 224th birthday, learn about South Carolina Flag History and Interesting Facts

South Carolina was the 8th state to join the union and became a state on May 23rd, 1788. It was also the first state to secede from the Union on December 20, 1860. South Carolina then re-joined the Union on June 25th, 1868. The capital city of South Carolina is Columbia, it is also the largest city in South Carolina.

Some more interesting facts about South Carolina you may or may not know:

-The state dance is the Shag.

-The first battle of the Civil War took place at Fort Sumter, in SC.

– Before being known as the Palmetto state, SC was known for being the Iodine state.

-Johnston, SC is known for being the peach capital of the world.

South Carolina Flag

The Carolina State flag was designed for the American Revolutionary War. It was designed by Colonel William Moultrie. The flag gets its blue color inspired by the blue uniforms of soldiers and the crescent shape comes from the emblem on the caps of the soldiers during war. The flag is best known as the Moultrie Flag or the Liberty Flag. The palm tree was added to the design of the flag in 1861 inspired by the defense of Sullivan Island. CVSflags.com carries a nylon South Carolina Flag for you to fly proudly on the Birthday of South Carolina. Browse South Carolina Flags available here!

Happy Birthday South Carolina!

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