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Flag Day celebrates the birth of the US flag and much more. How will you honor the stars and stripes this Flag Day?

Everyone should have a birthday celebration, even the US flag! This year Friday June 14, 2013 marks the 97th anniversary of President Woodrow Wilson’s 1916 Proclamation that called for the national observance of Flag Day. It was not until President Harry Truman signed an Act of Congress that June 14th became the official date to celebrate Flag Day.

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The original idea for the holiday was initially thought up by a teacher Bernard J. Cigrand when he assigned his class an essay about the flag. Learn more about his story and why he thought the nation needed a special day to honor the flag!

The American flag actually gets a whole week of honor. This year June 9th, 2013 is the official start of National Flag Week. Although, citizens should honor the stars and stripes every day of the year, at 236 years old, the flag definitely deserves a special weeklong celebration.

The US flag has gone through many redesigns in its day. The current 50-star flag is almost 53 years old, which is the longest term for any US flag in history. Since the 13 original colonies, our flag has gone through 26 variations as more states joined the Union and more stars were added.

Happy Flag Day America

While we are honoring and celebrating the US flag, let’s take a second to remember what the flag symbolizes. The 13 stripes pay tribute to the 13 original colonies that laid the foundation for this great country. Each star represents a current state. The three bold colors also have their own story to tell. The color red stand for valor, white for purity and innocence, and blue represents the perseverance and justice of America.

How will you honor Old Glory this Flag Day? Make sure you proudly display the stars and stripes and maybe recite the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the National Anthem. Or, just spread the word to your friends and family about why we celebrate Flag Day.

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