History of The Blue Star Service Banner

The Blue Star Service Banner has a long history of representing all those in the US Military service on active duty.

Do you have a family member, friend, or acquaintance serving in the Armed Forces? Show your pride for them by displaying a Blue Star Service Banner at your home, office or business.

Blue Star Service Banner from CVS Flags

Why display the Blue Star Service banner? What is the history and meaning behind it? This banner is a recognized symbol for American families to display showing they have a loved one serving in the US Military.

The Blue Star Service Banner dates back all the way to World War I. Families would display it at their home to signify they had someone serving their country overseas. The banner is also a way to show pride in those serving.

The banner consists of a white field with one, or many blue stars in the middle. Each star represents each family member in active duty. Around the white field is a thick red boarder with gold fringe on the bottom and hanging cord tassels.

Blue Star Service Banner Description

Today, Blue Star Service Banners continue to be an important and cherished symbol and should be displayed whenever a family member is away on duty. Each banner is a treasured symbol for our troops.

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