History of the Indiana State Flag

Adoption of the Flag

Indiana became a state on December 11th,1816. You might be surprised to learn that in 1901 the General Assembly made the United States flag the official state flag of Indiana. It was not until 1917 that the Indiana General Assembly actually adopted the current Indiana flag.

Flag Design

The flag was designed by Paul Hadley of Mooresville as part of Indiana’s centennial celebration flag design contest which was organized by the Daughters of the American Revolution. The flag has a blue background with yellow symbols. The torch in the middle of the flag represents liberty and enlightenment. The rays illustrate their far-reaching influence. There are a total of 19 stars on the flag, with the outer circle representing the 13 colonies. The stars in a semi-circle stand for the states admitted to the Union prior to Indiana. The star directly above the torch symbolizes Indiana, the 19th state.

A few more interesting facts about the Indiana State Flag:

  • TECHNICALLY, it did not become the official state flag until 1955. This was to not conflict with the original 1901 legislation. Until then it was referred to as the “Indiana Banner”
  • Paul Hadley was quite the flag designer. In the contest, Hadley submitted several designs and won first, second, third and all honorable mentions.
  • The current flag was not widely accepted for years after it was officially adopted. The Indianapolis star lamented in 1920 that almost no one in the state was aware that they had a flag that represented the state of Indiana.

So now you know the facts about the Indiana state flag. Now if we can just figure out why they call people from Indiana Hoosiers.

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