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History of the New Orleans Flag – Inspiration behind the unique southern Louisiana city flag

Throughout history, flags have been used to mark all sorts of territories, including cities, towns and castles. New Orleans is no stranger to being claimed by many different people over time who also brought with them various flags. What does the official New Orleans City Flag look like today?

Flag of the Ancient Regime New Orleans
Flag of the Ancient Regime

While nobody knows quite for sure, Europeans were likely the first people to set foot in Louisiana. A Frenchman named De La Salle was among the first men to lay claim to the southern territory, where he planted the flag of the Ancient Regime, the Bourbon rules of France. It was this flag that eventually flew over New Orleans when it was founded by the LeMoyne brothers.

However, this flag did not last forever. When Louis XV gave Louisiana to the Spanish in 1764, two new flags were introduced to New Orleans. Then in the early 1800’s the stars and stripes finally flew over New Orleans when it became part of the United States.

Louisiana State Flag
Louisiana State Flag

Fast forward to modern day New Orleans, Louisiana. After over a century of an unofficial pelican flag as the state flag, they finally adopted it in 1912 as the official flag of Louisiana that still flies today. The white pelican sits in the center of a dark blue flag with a scroll beneath its feet. Three baby pelicans, looking up, rest at the feet of the larger one.

New Orleans City Flag
New Orleans City Flag

Then six years later in 1918, New Orleans adopted their official city flag. The flag is mostly white with a small red stripe at the top and a small blue stripe on the bottom. Three golden fleur-de-lis stand in the center. The center symbols date all the way back to the first French flag that flew over the city.

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