Holly Hill to Fine Veterans Group for Displaying American and Military flags

A non-profit veterans group is now being fined for flying their American and military flags outside their headquarters building.

In Valusia County, Florida, the city of Holly Hill issued a warning to the local veterans group for displaying military flags in front of their headquarters late last week. The flags are in violation of a new city ordinance that requires a $25 permit per flag and a $1 fee per flag every day it’s displayed.

Veterans group

Ever after the warning from the city, leader of the group Eddie Colosimo said the flags will not come down. He also said, “There are men and women out there, fighting for them all over this world, and I want people to remember that and recognize it.” Colosimo is very passionate about helping veterans and always pays his respects with the seven flags he flies outside his veterans’ non-profit organization.

Colosimo is determined to keep flying his flags. He believes it’s not fair for anyone to tell him he cannot fly the American flag, POWMIA flag, or any military flag and has no plans to take any of them down. Colosimo has support from his community, including that of chairman Jason Davis, who is also a veteran. Davis also thinks the ordinance should be amended and the American and military flags should be allowed to fly.

Credit: WFTV

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