Housing Management Removed Veteran’s Flag Without Warning

Korean War Veteran’s flag was removed from outside him home by the housing complex management, without any warning.

Veterans Flag Removed | Flag News

According to officials, earlier this week the management of a subsidized housing complex in Georgia made a controversial decision regarding several American flags. They apparently removed four American flags from a Korean War veteran’s house due to their violation of a housing ordinance.

Armond “Sonny” Noah got very emotional as he told local reports about his story. He is very upset that he is unable to display the stars and stripes that he fought so hard to protect. Noah said, “It was an honor for me to serve the country. And I was proud of that. I was a good soldier.”

Veterans US Flag with rain drops | Flag News

The housing management eventually returned the American flags to Noah. However, when they finally did they laid them on his door step in a plastic bag. Noah also says he was never informed that his flag broke any housing rules. He was only aware of the issue when they called him days later informing the man that they had his flags and he could not display them in their current location.

A spokesperson for the housing complex issued a statement that said the situation was handled poorly. Noah’s flag was taken down since it hung in a common area, but they plan to formally apologize to the veteran. Management hopes to reach a compromise with the veteran very soon.

Credit: Fox News | The Blaze

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